Here is what our patrons are saying about Further Shore programs:

“I leave today with an extreme feeling of calmness and peace. I had the opportunity to write, reflect and create tools for myself. My time here was beautiful in every way. I really enjoyed my early morning alone time outside on the deck. It was very peaceful and allowed me time for reflection that I don’t usually allow myself.”

“This is something that everyone needs to go through to graduate as an adult. I have a whole new framework for looking at loss and grief.”

“I learned to be more relaxed and less fearful about dying and my illness. To allow support from family and my higher power. A wonderful experience. I feel very blessed.”

“Excellent, rewarding opportunity for transitions of any kind. How support, sharing and love can heal – so profoundly”

“I learned that goal setting is important and also to share from the heart. Thank you!”

“The need for this facility and programs of this sort exist on so many levels; for so many people. The FS crew is bringing experience, compassion and radiance to the guests at Wayne’s House – truly a place of healing.”

“I felt incredibly cared for and open here; a touching weekend that opened avenues I didn’t even realize were there!”

“Thank you for creating such a special space. Here, I learned not to doubt my heart; a lesson I hope to re-learn and remember each and every day.”

“This space truly became both sacred and a safe house; a home. I felt we were a family of kindred spirits”

“I felt completely nurtured and supported, loved and cherished. Thank you for making this space available at a time when I needed it most.”