Patients and caregivers need physical, emotional, and practical support to manage stress and prepare for changes in their quality of life as disease progresses. Further Shore programs are unique because they teach patrons how to achieve a good quality of life during challenging times, including and especially at the end of life.

Our goal is to provide life-enriching insights about thriving, surviving, and letting go. We feel that open, compassionate communication about living with serious illness, and dying with dignity and peace will relieve anxiety and reduce stress for those served. Through these programs, we seek to empower individuals in making proactive, well-educated choices about end of life issues. Our focus is on time-honored, natural healing practices as they relate to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness during times of transition.

Programs held at Wayne’s House are custom designed retreats for two to six people. These events may include the patient and their caregivers. Guidance and practical support for family and friend care-givers are integral to all programs. Patrons will engage in open dialog about on topics such as  illness, curing vs. healing, death, dying, grieving, remembering, celebrating, and honoring loved ones after death. We believe this kind of support will fulfill a crucial need for individuals, families, and communities. Programs: