Naturally Caring

Naturally Caring consultations are from one to two hours in length and may be held at the patient’s home, hospital, or care facility. Our consultants are Further Shore founder and director, Aleia O’Reilly and/or Quality of Life Advocate, Meg Leander. Sessions may include conversation about these or other topics of the patron’s choosing:

  • Support and creative processes for building your own circle of care  to include family, friends, care-givers, medical and wholistic healthcare providers
  • Assistance with designing a quality of life program with a focus on longevity, comfort, grace, dignity, and well-being during serious illness and at end of life
  • Helping you to access local, state and national resources such as care facilities, home care agencies, natural health care professionals, and other useful services
  • Providing information about patient advocacy and practical support for care-givers
  • Encouragement for patients to dialog and be involved in the decision making process with regard to their treatment protocols, care priorities, end of life concerns, making peace, and letting go
  • Providing information, materials and education about the hospice philosophy and model of care; as well as medical and natural palliative (comfort) care measures

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