Llumination: The Quest

Llumination: The Quest is a unique board game inspired by an ancient oracle. This astounding creation catalyzes an extraordinary experience of enlightenment where the wisdom of Tarot is brought magically to life. The Quest was developed by Alexa Young. It was her life work was to study the Tarot and to develop Llumination as a tool for changing lives. Alexa passed away in 2005 after a courageous battle with cancer. She died consciously in the company of her beloved family. Her dying wish was to have the Quest go out into the world to assist with raising consciousness and transforming lives. Aleia was deeply touched by Alexa’s life and her wisdom. Llumination: The Quest has become an important part of the Further Shore program offerings.


The Quest is innovative, fun, and inspiring. It assists a Seeker to find personal truth. Amazingly insightful and much more than a board game, it helps Seekers toward expanded consciousness and peaceful solutions to challenges. During the Quest, you will have opportunity to hone and sharpen intuitive skills, compassionate speaking, and careful listening; receive emotional comfort, insights, and guidance to support you on the path of life. Playing evokes clarity, laughter, and sometimes tears of letting go. Llumination Quests are from two to three hours in length for one to four players at a time. Aleia is your Further Shore facilitator and serves as a guide at your home or her home office in Kachina Village. Program Fees are noted on a sliding scale.