Good Grief

Included in our consulting services and workshops for agencies working with vulnerable populations, this program helps patrons to navigate grief through the practice of self-compassion, simple presence, meditation, and mindfulness. Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and may include: 

  • practical, self-help techniques to reduce stress and increase emotional well-being in coping with loss
  • guidance on how to gently remember and celebrate your loved one’s life and legacy after they pass
  • communication tips for talking about your grief with the patient or their friends, family, or caregivers
  • referrals for additional or ongoing support

Sessions are one to two hours in length and may be experienced in the comfort of your own home, hospital, or care facility.

Another service offered directly or in workshop format is about “Anticipatory Grief.” This service is helpful if you are experiencing or caring for someone facing a terminal diagnosis. It is different than grief that comes after loss occurs because there is a feeling of “being in between” or “waiting for the shoe to drop.” It is unpredictable and can be debilitating. This type of grief can be felt in other circumstances too, including loss of ability or function, financial changes, stressful family dynamics, loss of the possibilities for goals, hopes, or dreams coming true. During the workshop we offer insights to the symptoms of anticipatory grief and ways to cope and heal. As well as how to create precious moments and memories with your loved one during times when this kind of grief is present.