Prehospice Education

Did you know that hospice care provides emotional comfort, compassionate care, and pain management during the dying process? This kind of care is very different than engaging in medical procedures to preserve or extend life. The difference between fighting to stay alive and dying peacefully requires a shift in perspective for you and for those who love you. This shift can be difficult if it has never been considered or discussed. Imagine what a challenge it must be for the dying person to leave patterns of self-preservation, and embark into the mysterious, unknown expanse of the afterlife. One of our goals is to offer “prehospice education” that will help individuals and families to navigate the shift.

Talking CirclePrograms are designed to provide an introduction to the hospice model of care and establish guidelines for open discussion about dying with dignity. The Further Shore retreat at Wayne’s House is not a place where people come to make their transition, or a place to seek miracle cures or promises of immortality. Rather, providing education about conscious transitions, we will facilitate dialog about end of life concerns. We will explore thoughts and feelings about the mortal body, the immortal soul, death, dying, and the afterlife. We will seek ways to keep our loved ones sacred in our hearts: while they are with us in the body; while they are in transition, and after they have passed from the body.