In Loving Memory of VTara

In Loving Memory of VTara On Father’s Day, June 17th our beloved TLC Client and friend, Victoria (VTara) Ruscher passed into spirit. Born on March 1, 1956 in Omaha, NE and moved to Flagstaff in 1995, VTara was trained as a rebirther, Flower of Life facilitator and Reiki Master. As an artist she worked with … Read more

Late Spring News Brief

A huge “Thank You” to everyone who shopped at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace on 5% Wednesday. The day was a wonderful success thanks to you. Please keep in mind that 5% Wednesday happens every month on the 3rd Wednesday. It’s a great way to support local nonprofits! Donning Our Aprons! – Dine in or take … Read more

Bone Dance 2011 – Pictures!

Thanks to everyone for making or latest fund raiser, “That’s Life — A Bone Dance” our very best. Below is the first round of pictures. Thanks to Jim Torson for being on hand to take them. We’ll have more soon.

Crazy Hat Party!

Last Sunday we had or first “Crazy Hat Party.” A chance for all the Further Shore folks to gather and have fun (no work for once!). Here we all are in are hats (and some of them are sure crazy)! I have set up a gallery of all the pics, check them out.

Our 2008 fundraiser: That’s Life – A Bone Dance was a great success! I am finally getting these pictures posted of the event. Thanks to Jim for his photography. Checking everyone in. Coordination. A few of our wonderful silent auction items. Thanks to everyone who donated! Jesse and Clarence provided our dinner entertainment. Great food … Read more

The Reconstruction at Wayne’s House

Wayne’s House is almost ready to be used again – the carpet just went in yesterday. Here are some pictures taken during the process. I’ll get some finished photos up soon, after we have time to put the house back together: 4/23The kitchen area, with the laundry room removed, the floor rebuilt, and framing in. … Read more

The Blue Thong Society

Susana worked with the Blue Thong Society, and they made these gift baskets catered to our TLC clients. Each one special and unique. Thanks! They where really appreciated! Thanks to Chris and Susana for the photos.