Celebrations of Life

Greetings everyone, Robert and I are taking a vacationfrom August 18thuntil September 3rdto celebrate 20 years of happy marriage! See you all in September and remember to celebrate life every day. Love, Aleia Our second Death Caféwas held last Saturday and it was, again, a wonderful celebration of life! We had 30 reservations; 18 new … Read more Celebrations of Life

Reflections and News

Greetings everyone, It is fire season in the Southwest; time to use care with flames of all kinds. The recent loss of nineteen Granite Mountain  hotshots has been deeply felt here in Arizona. Everyone I know seems  to know someone who was connected to this event. It gives us cause to  reflect on the miracle of … Read more Reflections and News

Late Summer News Brief

Abundant yellow flowers herald late Summer here in Flagstaff; beautiful sunny days mixed with booming monsoon rains have blessed the mountain. Robert and I will be away from phone and email until September 4th. If you need to inquire about our programs, please contact Meg Leander at 928-221-1600. Enjoy this late Summer beauty. Blessings, Aleia … Read more Late Summer News Brief