“C” is for Courage

Winter has finally arrived here in Flagstaff, Arizona and despite the nightmare traffic situation it produced, most of us are happy to see this much snow on our mountain high desert. There is a feeling of gratitude and relief; the moisture so desperately needed is here to nourish the land, ponderosa pines, wildlife, and our … Read more

“B” is for Beauty

As a writer, I enjoy the process of playing with words to create beauty. I write Haiku poetry and prose that I don’t typically share widely. In exploring my love of writing and hesitancy to share, I recently stumbled across Julia McCutchen’s website. She is an intuitive coach, mentor, and author with a focus on … Read more

“A” is for Awareness

When I wrote the introduction for this project, “A is for Awareness” just leapt onto the page as if it were a conscious and premeditated plan. It was not! When I think of “A” words for wellness, I think of apple, acceptance, achievement, adaptability. So many “A” words that can bring the idea of wellness … Read more

A,B,C’s for Living Well

It’s been a long time since I have tackled blogging, years, actually. The breakneck pace and roller coaster reasons as to why it has taken me so long to get back to writing is in the past. I am excited to get on with a fresh start. I recently re-watched the movie, Julie & Julia … Read more