“R” is for Respect

“Respect,” like the word “practice,” is both a noun and a verb, with many different uses. Some of those uses include: in reference or regard to something (With respect to the current situation, I can see your point); an aspect or detail (This is a good plan in some respects); to hold in esteem (We … Read more

“Q” is for Questioning

When faced with troubled times, a natural response is to question what is happening and find ways to “fix” it. The hope is that through finding answers, the turbulence will calm, or the difficult situation will improve. For the ABC’s of Living Well, I have selected “Questioning” for the letter “Q”. When we don’t feel … Read more

“P” is for Practice

The dictionary defines practice in various ways. As a noun it can mean actual performance or action:  I attend dance practice on Wednesdays. As a verb it can mean to habitually carry out or perform a particular activity, method, or custom, in order to acquire, maintain, or improve upon proficiency: I practice expressing gratitude each … Read more

“O” is for Organization

According to the dictionary, the meaning of the word “organize” is to form as or into a whole consisting of interdependent or coordinated parts, especially for united action. I don’t think that skillful organizing is a wellness practice in and of itself. But it certainly comes in handy when living through the crisis of a … Read more

“N” is for Nature’s Nurture

Think about the last time you took a moment to marvel at a sunrise, watch a bird in flight, or deeply enjoy the sparkle of a starry night? Has it been a little bit too long? Winter in the northern hemisphere can make it difficult to get outside and revel in nature’s beauty. During the … Read more

“M” is for Memorializing

As we stand here, at the beginning of the third pandemic year and the fifth pandemic wave, it is sometimes hard to remember how life used to be. For the bereaved, this time has been especially difficult as they may not have had the chance to say goodbye to their loved one or to mourn … Read more

“L” is for Listening

In supporting folks with chronic or acute health challenges and at end of life, I find that one of the most important facets of comprehensive care is deep listening. When someone is not feeling well, caregivers cannot provide appropriate support without learning what the patient feels is most relevant, desired, and/or needed. Maintaining all our … Read more

“K” is for Kindness

Has there ever been a better time to engage in the wellness practice called kindness? As we face unprecedented challenges around every corner, we are often hard pressed to find happiness. Many of us are in the sandwich generation, caring for kids or companion animals, while also caring for aging parents. When we feel down … Read more

“J” is for Journaling

Greetings! It has been six weeks since my last blog post. Here’s a snapshot as to why the Wellness ABC’s features “J” for Journaling: On June 21st after many days of temps in the 90’s much of Flagstaff went to “Set” mode in the “Ready, Set, Go” wildfire evacuation protocol. That meant we had to … Read more

“I” is for Inspiration

Over the years friends have asked me why I spend so much time on matters related to hospice, dying, and death when we are here to live life. My reply has evolved into this:  hospice care while dying offers living the best life possible until death arrives. People giving or receiving hospice care inspires me … Read more