Wayne’s House

Wayne’s House has been a sanctuary for visitors over the years. This cozy Kachina Village A-Frame is dedicated to conscious living and dying. The home itself is a lasting memorial to our friend, Wayne Marinelli, aka The Food Doctor, who passed into spirit in October of 2004. His child-like delight with living and valiant dying has left a lasting signature to soothe and uplift all who enter. Due to some recent changes, Wayne’s House is now held by the homeowners (Aleia O’Reilly, Robert McCarter and Peter Klein). While Further Shore is no longer solely responsible for the home, Wayne’s legacy is still alive and well here. If you would like to visit or tour, please contact Aleia directly.

The first floor features a spacious great room with comfortable sofas, TV, VCR, Stereo, dining table, chairs, credenza, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom. The second floor has two bedrooms (one under a skylight for watching stars and clouds).