LC 13-An Intermezzo          

Adrianne & Jesse 3/15/24

Today I’m offering an intermezzo in the multi-course dinner that is my Long Covid (LC) series. I will get back to the series in April, but for now, a little celebration is in order. For the first time since 2019, I traveled on my own to Phoenix to serve as a wedding celebrant. In some ways this trip was about “testing the water” for possible future travels so the planning, preparation, and protocols were numerous. The bride, a longtime friend (and spirit daughter) was graciously in support of my protocols. The wedding was filled with radiant love and happiness. What an honor to be included, what a gift to share this moment with the happy couple. The joy, beauty, and connecting with dear ones, food for the soul!

Upon my homecoming, there were a couple of “feeling tired” days, then driving in a surprise blizzard interrupted my planned recovery time. The Post Exertional Malaise (PEM) event, which was expected after this level of exertion, was delayed (as usual), but only lasted for an afternoon (super-fast compared to 2023’s PEM events). This was a great opportunity to learn about the difference between “being tired” and the PEM associated with LC or ME/CFS. This is helpful data for future planning. I will share some travel planning tips in a future post. For now, still basking in the afterglow. These pics are a small taste. . . Bon Appétit.

Thank you for reading! Next time the LC Series will address radical acceptance.

Please Note:  The Long Covid series is intended to be both a memoir and an educational resource for the “living well” aspect of our mission. It is hoped that the content will increase empathy, support, and understanding for those living with chronic conditions.

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