November News Brief

Happy November Further Shore friends!

Now that the Remembrance Holidays have concluded, we are heading fast into the time for food, family, and gratitude. Robert’s busiest time of the year begins on Thanksgiving week, so we are planning for a quiet day at home with his computer humming along. The menu for us is a mini tofurkey, mashed potatoes, vegan gravy, roasted broccolini almondine, and of course the vegan pecan pie. There are several friends to cook for too, and I’m planning a savory butternut squash soup and cookie delivery that day if the weather cooperates.

More important than the menu is my gratitude for Robert, dogs in all shapes and sizes (especially my two), beauty all around, warm, and lasting authentic relationships, and family near and far. Last November’s News Brief includes a several tips for enjoying Thanksgiving and the recipe for vegan pecan pie from Recipes from the Food Doctor and Friends. Wherever you are and whatever your plans, I’m wishing you grace, joy, and good health this Thanksgiving. May you have lots to be thankful for. ❤

Now for the News:

Forest Bathing is Highly Recommended
  • This Month’s Special Day:  November 17th is National Take a Hike Day! As the weather grows colder in the northern hemisphere, we tend to spend more time inside. Did you know there are over 60,000 miles of trails stretching across 50 states in the national hiking trail system? This special day invites us to lace up the hiking boots, hit the trails, and take advantage of forest bathing. That’s me, Olivia and Teddy enjoying the forest in the picture attached. Nature’s beauty and wonder is restorative and uplifting. Don’t forget the essentials:  water, snacks, compass, trail guide, and a hiking buddy. If you choose to hike alone, remember to let a friend know your planned route and estimated return time. Happy Hiking!
  • More Special Days:
    • November 8th is midterm election day. PLEASE VOTE!
    • November 11th is Veterans Day. There are several ways to honor all those who served in the military.
    • November 29th is National Day of Giving. Wow, this one is great!!! Adding balance to the commercialized nature of Black Friday and Cyber Five, this holiday takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s about giving back in some way (i.e., charitable donations, running errands or cooking for shut ins, stitching lap blankets for cancer patients, etc.). This year it falls on what would be my dad’s 92nd birthday. He died in 1997 and was my hero, full of love, smiles, and generosity. He would really appreciate Giving Day, so I am pondering a special way to take part this year. Hmmm, maybe more cookies to give away. 😊
  • On the Blog:  Check out letters A-R in the A.B.C.’s of Living Well. “S” is for Support is coming soon! You can also view this newsletter and the newsletter archive here.
  • Pandemic tidbit:  This Fortune article by Carolyn Barber, M.D., discusses health risks involved with Long COVID including cardio vascular events following infection. Recent studies reveal that these events are not age specific and can follow even mild infection. An analysis of more than 150,000 COVID-19 survivors published in Nature Medicine found increased risk of developing conditions such as ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke; peripheral nervous system disorders; episodic, memory, cognitive, sensory, and musculoskeletal disorders; and seizures in the first year after infection. The World Health Organization estimates that globally, there are 145 million people suffering with Long COVID. Be safe and protect the medically vulnerable in your world.
  • Movies that Move Us:  This month’s movie is full of silly fun as Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) learns she only has three weeks to live and embraces “in morte veritas” (in death there is truth). Making the decision to live her last three weeks to the fullest, Georgia quits her job and embarks on an indulgent Last Holiday (PG 13; 2006 directed by Wayne Wang). Laughter ensues as she explores a world where she delights in things never before considered and speaks the truth to a colorful cast of characters she meets at a grand hotel. This one is a light-hearted reminder to live our best lives, tell the truth, let go of fear, and be grateful for every moment.
  •  Quote of the Month:  “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” ~ Maya Angelou

May all beings be safe, well, happy, and content.

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