September News Brief

Happy September Further Shore friends!

Enjoy Harvesting & Remember to Rest!

It seems to me that September is the month when humans behave like squirrels. We run around gathering the harvest, stocking the pantry, cleaning up outdoor spaces, and preparing for those cooler temperatures. I learned something new about squirrel behavior recently. It’s called “splooting,” and it’s something they do to rest and cool off on hot summer days. It’s pretty darned cute. Dogs, cats, and other animals also sploot; sometimes to cool off, but sometimes just to rest. I know it may not appeal to humans as a cooling off or a resting technique but taking some time to rest in some way during this busy month will help us to remain in balance as the season changes. If you can’t catch your breath from all the running around, try to schedule a few minutes each day to rest, relax, or reflect on summer’s end. What have you discovered, experienced, or enjoyed? Reflection on those things will bring you a happiness moment and give you a little immune boost as well. Remember, “rest” is NOT a “bad” 4 letter word!

The official first day of fall is the autumnal equinox on September 22nd. A special day this month is September 21st, World Gratitude Day! This United Nations holiday began in Hawaii in 1965 when meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy, encouraged those present to create a day of gratitude to unite the world. If you can find some time to celebrate the day, suggestions include expressing your gratitude to dear ones, noticing things in your life or surroundings that you are grateful for,  and journaling or expressing gratitude to yourself for your good qualities. A gratitude practice can change your life! Start a nightly practice on September 21st by writing five things in your journal that you are grateful for.

Now for the News:

  • On the Blog:  “Q” is for Questions is coming soon! Stay tuned.
  • What about REST??: There are so many reasons to take a little time out each day. Recharging on every level for body, mind, emotions, and spirit is needed to keep up with the pace that most of us are keeping these days. The Omega Institute shares some other fun facts about resting here. One of my favorites:  bursts of inspiration!
  • Pandemic tidbit:  A shout out of “thanks” to folks who keep me in reading material about COVID-19 and its variants. As I have said often in 2022, hooray for this virus to be in the rearview mirror for most people. This section of our newsletter, however, is for the medically vulnerable, their family members and caregivers. There are tens of millions in the U.S. at higher risk due to advanced age, underlying conditions, or immunodeficiency who are largely living as they have since early 2020.  They don’t go to movies or restaurants, but they do go to the doctor. According to this article in STAT, in some cases, that proves to be risky business.
  • Movies that Move Us:  As baseball season is wrapping up soon, and many of us are dreaming of a better world, this month’s movie pick is Field of Dreams (Directed by Phil Alden Robinson and adapted from the book “Shoeless Joe” 1989 Rated PG). The all-star cast includes Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta and other greats. This is a beautiful story about trusting in and building upon dreams that seem impossible to imagine, let alone to achieve. Iowa farmer, Ray Kinselli (Costner) is inspired by a ghostly voice he cannot ignore. The film, set in a humble heartland cornfield, will uplift and inspire you as it weaves threads of regret, imagination, hope, and trust. Grab the popcorn and enjoy!
  • Quote of the Month:  When you rest, you catch your breath and it holds you up, like water wings…” ~ Anne Lamott

May all beings be safe, well, happy, and content.

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