March News Brief

Greetings Further Shore Friends,

Happy almost spring equinox! Let’s start with some sky news. The last full moon of winter reaches its peak at 3:20 A.MEDT on Friday, March 18, 2022. The Farmer’s Almanac calls this the Worm Moon. It is also known as Eagle Moon or Goose Moon (Algonquin, Cree), Sugar Moon (Ojibwe); or Wind Strong Moon (Pueblo). These names give us a clue about the changing season’s features. The spring (vernal) equinox is Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 11:33 am EDT. I think of this as a time of new beginnings. The ground will soon be softening and ripe for planting. I like to plant some seeds in mind and heart for personal wellness, travel destinations, learning new things, or other projects that require planning ahead. I do this by journaling, visualizing, and sharing the “seeds” with my family. Hopefully the seeds you are sowing this spring will pave the way for a colorful, healthy, inspiring harvest come summer and fall. Now for the News:

  • Help for Ukraine – On February 24, 2022, Russian military forces conducted an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, causing millions of people to flee their homes. We sometimes forget how very privileged we are to live in a land that is not under military assault. When I see the news coming out of Ukraine, my personal concerns about gas prices or sluggish internet connections quickly evaporate. I want to know how I can support those who are under fire and needing to literally flee their homes. This site provides several legitimate options for donations.  
  • In the Wellness ABC’s, “N” is for Nature’s Nurture is available now on the Further Shore Blog.
  • Program update:  Do you have a living will? This very important document describes your preferences for care, including whether or not you would want extraordinary measures in the event that you are rendered unable to speak for yourself due to injury or illness. The Five Wishes, distributed by the nonprofit Aging with Dignity, is a living will with heart and soul. It is a legal document that millions have used to describe their health care choices and to designate a health care proxy or representative to carry out the wishes. We can assist you with coaching about how to use this document (as a living will) or to use as a guide to jump-start this important conversation with loved ones.
  • Movies that Move Us:  Defending Your Life is a hilarious look at human nature as viewed from the afterlife. After Daniel (Albert Brooks) dies suddenly, he finds himself in a sort of heavenly way station where he must review the choices he made during his life on earth. The review will determine his next steps in the afterlife. While there, he falls in love with Julia (Meryl Streep) and finds out what it takes to overcome his tendency to make choices from fear instead of love. It is a warm, fuzzy, delightful tale that nudges us to look at our own decision making here and now. Enjoy!
  • Quote of the month:   March is the month of expectation, the things we do not know ~ Emily Dickinson

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A note about our 501C3 nonprofit:  Our mission remains “to provide resources and education for living well and dying with dignity”. I (Aleia) am now the sole provider of services. It is an honor to continue the mission through writing and virtual programs. Donations support my compensation and various line items that keep the nonprofit going. I do not charge a formal fee for services, so I am compensated based on donations as they are available and with board oversight. We file a report with the IRS annually and if you want information about the budget or direction of funds, please feel free to ask!

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