A Moment of Silence

Dear Friends Near and Far,

As you know, at the heart of our work is the intention to support those facing the end of life. We also assist loss-survivors to cope with grief. On the prompting of a friend, who lives near Newtown, Connecticut, I recently took time to visit a website remembering the shooting victims. While looking into the faces of Olivia, Charlotte, Daniel and the other children, I am struck by the beauty in each child’s face; the light within them. When I read about their principal and teachers who also gave up their lives that day, I am struck by their courage. My heart cannot help but contract, my tears cannot help but to mingle with a nation grieving. How does anyone help those coping with this kind of grief? A moment of silence is not enough; it cannot be enough. But if you are reading this now, please join the millions who have held a moment of silence for this group of souls who left this world in such an unimaginable manner. Speaking through the tears of his own grief, one child’s father offered sympathy to the gunman’s family. May we all be so gracious. May grace come gently to those who remain in the shadow of this loss. May peace prevail upon earth. May we each invoke something useful for coping with this kind of grief and pay it forward in kind.

As the dark night deepens and Solstice brings the promise of light returning, Further Shore folds its wings for the Winter season. A gift today from me to all of you is a link to an 8 minute Youtube http://youtu.be/TcoMiGiDRjg that speaks of love, death and All that is Holy in a poem by Derrick Brown. On behalf of all of us at Further Shore, I give thanks for your continued support and wish you a New Year filled with love, peace and good health. Wayne’s House will reopen in the Spring. Until then, Warm Wishes for a beautiful holiday season. ~ Aleia

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