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Dear Further Shore Friends,

The wind is roaring in Arizona and with it comes a feeling of cleansing and change. I want to share about a couple items that have crossed my desk recently while I am avidly researching Near Death Experiences (NDE) phenomena. First, I think you might enjoy watching a youtube of Dr. Eben Alexander III, a neurosurgeon who had a NDE in 2008. Having read about NDE’s for over 30 years, the material is not new to me.  Eben’s story, however, is really unique. Watch all 49 minutes to understand how a “beautiful butterfly girl” helped Dr. Alexander to believe that we are on a tipping point about life, death, consciousness and compassion. http://nhne-pulse.org/dr-eben-alexander-discusses-his-remarkable-nde/
Next up:  two books. Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani is an autobiography telling of her NDE (cancer related) and offers another amazing perspective on life after life. It is beautifully written and describes several little miracles for Anita including a connection with Dr. Wayne Dyer, who was instrumental in getting the book published quickly. Backwards: Returning to our Source for Answers by Nanci Danison offers a detailed account of the author’s NDE and perspective about human life on earth that is fascinating and healing. I highly recommend her CD’s and DVD’s as well. Her website is http://www.backwardsbooks.com/index.html
Lastly, David Sunfellow founder of New Heaven-New Earth in Sedona has been offering a series of public talks on the subject of “How NDE’s are changing the world”. You can find some more information here http://nhne-nde.org/ Thanks to Jim Torson for these recommendations that are helping my studies. Thanks to VTara Ruscher for recommending Anita’s book.

Registration for the July 20th/21st session of Bridging the Gap is now open. If you are interested in attending session, please email us a request to receive the Intake Package at info@furthershore_org.apache1.cloudsector.net. You can learn more about Bridging the Gap at our website www.furthershore.org

Blessings, Aleia

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