Late Winter News Brief

Dear Further Shore Friends,

I am reaching out today to suggest an amazing book, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. It is a book about two teens, Hazel Grace and Augustus, who meet at the local “Cancer Kids Support Group” and fall in love. The book is about being teens living with the disease called cancer; but it is really about so much more. Luminous and at the same time raucously told from the teen point of view, it will leave you in laughter and tears. “The only thing worse about being a kid with cancer is being a parent with a kid with cancer, ” says Hazel Grace in one reflective moment. The Fault In Our Stars invites everyone to let go of tip toeing around mortality and live out loud. If you order the book through this link, you can help us to raise funds for Naturally Caring – TLC for Caregivers! 

Our Calendar has been updated! You will want to mark your calendar for our new support group, The Crow’s Nest, and check out the Naturally Caring-TLC for Caregivers 2012. These classes are part of our ongoing mission to provide education and resources for living well and dying with dignity. We offer the workshops FREE to the public. Thank you for your donations which make this possible! 

In the month of January it was my honor to serve TLC Client, Tim Whitney. While Tim was only a client for a short time, I was humbled by his strong spirit and generous heart. He was and still is beloved by local Colorado River Guides and a global community of friends and family.  You may read about his amazing life here. 

Tim actually passed on the same day as our beloved canine/coyote singer. . . Jake had a tumor removed from his leg on December 30th and had what looked like the miraculous recovery. He enjoyed a month of eating roasted chicken, walks in the forest snow and singing for treats. Full of grace, he departed early on January 30th in the gentle company of Robert, Madison, me and his docs (Westover and Crawford). Tim, also full of grace, passed on later that day in the gentle company of his beloved wife, Pam and his siblings. There have been many mystical moments associated with both their transitions. What I am left with is a gratitude that is impossible to express in words and some new friends who give a deeper meaning to the words “Further Shore.” 

Warmly, Aleia O’Reilly 

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