Snow has already fallen here on the San Francisco Peaks and we are getting ready to wind down our activities for 2010. We want to say “thank you” to all who helped make the Bone Dance a great success. Here is what your support helped us to accomplish:

  • There were 10 healing retreats offered at Wayne’s House including special programs for our Tender Loving Care (TLC) Clients.
  • Bridging the Gap trainings were held for fourteen volunteers and family care givers.
  • Further Shore practitioners offered over 1200 hours of patient advocacy, volunteerism and therapy services to TLC clients
  • Naturally Caring-TLC for Care Givers provided valuable self-care training to over 60 care givers. With help from the Flagstaff Community Foundation, Flagstaff Medical Center,Forest Highlands Foundation and YOU, we were able to offer these workshops FREE to attendees. In November these same foundations awarded a grant to repeat the series in 2011!
  • We participated in numerous health education forums, and calculate our outreach includes over 500 seniors, disabled adults and caregivers

You Can Still Help!

  • We are preparing to mail a Pledge Request for 2011 and we hope you will want to help us to continue our good work. Your donations are tax deductible. You can donate any amount securely on line at
  • Our cookbook, Recipes from the Food Doctor and Friends is in its second printing and highlights gluten free options for vegans. It makes for a thoughtful holiday gift. You can purchase it on line at
  • Bridging the Gap is our signature program. This training is required for our volunteers and helpful for anyone wanting to support a loved one in transition, through serious illness and at end of life. Please consider taking the training in 2011. Dates from April – November will be announced in February.
  • When holiday shopping on line, please consider visiting our website before you click to shop at ~ We receive an Amazon donation when you do!

In Loving Memory

  • At this time of the year Further Shore remembers with deep gratitude Dr. Edward and Cornelia Speth who made a bequeath to Wayne’s House in July. The evergreen on the north side of the home is now dedicated to them, living on in our memories always.
  • We also remember a special community friend, Mr. Raymond Lynch, recently passed on. Ray brought a smile and a positive word to everyone he met. He offered himself tirelessly to seniors and care givers in Flagstaff. He lived out loud and will be dearly missed.
  • Our deep condolences go out to Eileen & Dan in loving memory of Nyla (their feline companion of many years)
  • Also to Teresa, Cliff, Grace, Jim and Mary on the loss of their canine friend, Maggie. When our companion animals pass over, it is just like loosing a child. May our friends find comfort in the quieting winter’s rest and in happy memories of these loving beings.

Invoking “Grace”

As winter comes sweeping in and we begin to deeply rest and reflect on the years’ gifts and challenges, I want to remind everyone our mission is about assisting people who face grave medical challenges. We meet these courageous beings where they are along their journey and hold a space of loving compassion; a witnessing space. Whether working one on one, in the classroom or at Wayne’s House, our goal is to leave our judgments at the door; because at the heart of Further Shore’s work is the idea that death is not a failure, people who are ill have not done anything wrong or bad, and that grace is something that can experienced, learned, practiced and shared even in the most troubling of times. This poem was our dedication at the Bone Dance, I hope you will enjoy its depth and I hope your holiday season is warmly blessed in grace.

In Peace, Aleia

My Song – by Johnny Hathcock

I do not think my song will end

While flowers, grass and trees

Abound with birds and butterflies

For I am one with these.

And I believe my voice will sound

Upon the whispering wind

So long as even one remains

Among those I call “friend.”

I shall remain in hearts and minds

Of loved ones that I knew,

And in the rocks and hills and streams

Because I love those, too.

So long as love and hope and dreams

Abide in earth and sky,

Weep not for me, though I be gone.

I shall not really die.

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