Further Shore News Briefs

Wayne’s House is finally thawed out and we are planning some wonderful sessions this summer. Aleia will be offering Bridging the Gap three times this Summer. This is a prehospice training for anyone supporting a loved one in illness or at end of life. She will also offer The Bucket List and Marathon Llumination Quest and Facilitator Training at Wayne’s House. Dates and fees are set for a sliding scale; see the Calendar Section of our website for more info.

The Naturally Caring-TLC for Caregivers Series was a big success on April 15th~ ! Thanks to Abrio Family Services for hosting to FREE workshop which is funded in part by the Arizona and Flagstaff Community Foundations, Forest Highlands Foundation and Flagstaff Medical Center. Stay tuned for the next workshop on May 20th, featuring Michele Lytle of Lytle’s Ladle. She will be cooking up some wonderful food and helping participants to recognize the value of true nourishment.

Aleia & Robert will be on travel and off line from April 25 through May 2. Aleia will be keeping in touch from the Lake House in Rochester, NY. and will continue to guide our excellent practitioners service to our Flagstaff and Phoenix TLC clients. Watch for the Late Spring Newsletter in Mid-May.

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