Further Shore Late Winter News

from the most snowy Flagstaff! We have received many feet of the white stuff since winter set in here on sacred mountain in early December. Wayne’s House wants to thank neighbors, Tom and Sue for giving us a shout out on Sunday. While the south side of the very steep A-Frame receives enough sun to keep the snow off, the extra foot of snow received over the weekend put the north side into avalanche mode! Robert and I braved the storm to go clear the roof and after about two hours and tons of shoveling, saved the chimney from toppling. Yikes – Just one of the many fun things about winter at 7,000 feet! As we witness the days lengthening ever so slightly, we are grateful for the returning light. Speaking of light (sunshine) Dr. Andrew Weil and other leading naturopaths are re-examining our need for Vitamin D. Take a look at http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART02812/vitamin-d

Remember that February is national Heart Disease Awareness Month. Take care of your heart with proper exercise, diet and sharing the LOVE. We are sharing our healing hearts with 6 TLC clients at this time. Your kind donations help us to keep this work going. Visit us on line at www.furthershore.org to make a donation.

Don’t forget that this February is extra special and if you have a television, you can join the world in celebrating the Winter Olympics. The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics are always beautiful and moving. Tune into NBC Friday, February 12th at 6:30 p.m. Have a blessed Heart Month Everyone!

Best, Aleia

In Memory

This season has seen many goodbyes. Our sympathy and love go out to the family of Joe Sanchez who passed on December 21st. Joe was a bright light in our community and as the inn keeper for the Aspen Inn Bed and Breakfast always extended a warm welcome to guests from all over the world. As a member of the Flagstaff Communicators, Joe helped to forge many special relationships. He loved his work, his family, friends and community. His memorial service was held at the Nativity Church; his teen aged children and wife spoke of their love and abiding knowledge that he is not really gone from their hearts. He will be deeply missed.

We wish to also extend our heartfelt love and sympathy to the human parents of Motor the amazing cat and Leo the wonder dog. Both recently passed into spirit and leave behind a legacy of unconditional love and friendship. During this passage time I spoke with both parents of the large “space” that our companion animals fill in the home; how much they fill our lives. A friend, in New York, offered this wise advice: “When the space feels empty, take a moment for a deep breath and a fond memory. Don’t give away their toys too quickly, pack them into a bag and put them away for awhile until the sting of loss passes. Maybe that special toy, leash or bed is something that you really want for another companion or to share with a friend when the fog clears. The Bach flower essence of Walnut is useful for changes.” Thank you, Sally for this wisdom. Motor and Leo, you will be forever held in our hearts with love.

Web update

Winter’s deep quiet has provided a wonderful opportunity for me to overhaul the Further Shore website. Watch for announcements to include an annual calendar, new photos and descriptions of our retreats and other programs, details about our amazing professionals and more. If you have a friend who might enjoy this newsletter, have them visit www.furthershore.org to subscribe

Local News

Congratulations and many thanks to Nikki Baldwin for starting up a FREE Reiki program at the Cancer Center in Flagstaff. Volunteers are offering Reiki to patients and care givers every third Tuesday and Wednesday. You can learn more by contacting her at Nikki@WomanKindLLC.com

Flagstaff Holistic Wellness Faire will be held on March 6 & 7 at the High Country Conference Center; Admission is $5 for the day. http://www.azholisticevents.com/flagstaff

Goddesses of the Cinder Moon present: a Bone Lodge on Friday, February 12th at 6:00 p.m. at the Temple of the Divine Mother (above Sacred Rites on San Francisco Street in Flagstaff). Crones sharing are Aleia O’Reilly on seasons and cycles and Terez Strom on finding truth in the sacred realm. Women, men, children all welcome. Donation appreciated.

Check out the Connect2Help Circle whose goal is to help individuals and families in need to connect to those who can meet needs! http://www.azholisticevents.com/flagstaff

Calendar Events for 2010

April 9-10 Bridging the Gap Retreat*
April 15th – Naturally Caring-TLC for Care Givers workshop #1**
May 20th – Naturally Caring – TLC for Care Givers workshop #2
June 17th – Naturally Caring – TLC for Care Givers workshop #3
June 18-19 Bridging the Gap Retreat
July 15 – Naturally Caring – TLC for Care Givers workshop #4
July 16-17 Bridging the Gap Retreat
July 29-August 1 The Bucket List Retreat
August 12-15 Llumination Quest Training and Marathon Seeker’s Weekend
August 19th – Naturally Caring – TLC for Care Givers workshop #5
September 2-5 The Bucket List Retreat
September 10-11 Bridging the Gap Retreat
September 16th – Naturally Caring – TLC for Care Givers workshop #6
October 14th – Naturally Caring – TLC for Care Givers workshop #7
October 23 That’s Life – a Bone Dance
November 18rh – Naturally Caring – TLC for Care Givers workshop #8

*Bridging the Gap – This
program will provide guidance and tools to family or friends who find themselves in caregiving roles for persons with serious illness. Bridging the Gap is required for Further Shore volunteers, and will prove useful for anyone who plans to be present or supportive for their parents, siblings, partners or other loved ones during health and life transitions. Facilitated by Aleia N. O’Reilly.

** The Naturally Caring Series is made possible from the grant support of the Flagstaff and Arizona Community Foundations, The Forest Highlands Foundation and Flagstaff Medical Center. Workshops are from 2-4 p.m. at Abrio Family Services and are FREE to the public. Watch for details about topics and presenters.

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