Further Shore Fall 2009 News Briefs

Further Shore is wishing a belated Happy Fall Equinox to all!

Can you believe it is October already? Like the local squirrels, everyone seems to be bustling to prepare for the coming winter. Here in Flagstaff, the great Ponderosa Pines are shedding their needles, sunflowers, standing eight feet tall in some places are bowing their heads, and the winds are calling for warmer sweaters and scarves. This is a season of endings; gardens offer their last gifts, red, gold and brown leaves flutter away from oaks and aspens, leaving a fragrant tapestry beneath our hiking boots. We hope that you will remember to breathe and rest during this busy season. A mug of hot cider, a crackling fire, and sparkling conversationwith loved ones will go a long way to keep you warm when winter nights comecalling. In the news from here ~

  • Come on Flagstaff, it’s Bone Dance Time!! Put on your wings, pull out your costumes and lace up your dancing shoes. Further Shore’s signature event and fund raiser, “That’s Life – A Bone Dance” will be held October 24th from 6-11 p.m. at the Radisson Woodlands Hotel in Flagstaff. Dinner, dancing, memorial altar, silent auction and music from Clarence Clearwater, Jimmy DeBlois and SPOKES! Special Thanks to this year’s sponsors: Decker’s Outdoor Corporation, Karl and Suzi Keim, Chris Muhlenfeld, Meg Leander and Celo & Barry Brennan. Tickets are $55 each or $50 each for 2 or more; to purchase, learn more, or see photos of years past visit http://furthershore_org.apache1.cloudsector.net/Events/BoneDance.aspx. Our apologies to anyone who tried to purchase tickets yesterday – the site was down, but is up and ready for orders now.
  • Knowledge is power ~ Further Shore news briefs are coming to you in hope that you will feel connected to our mission and find peace in these messages. Because education is our primary goal, we will be doing a full website overhaul this winter and making plans for a FREE lecture series entitled “Naturally Caring” (offered April through November of 2010). The series will teach simple, holistic techniques that care givers can use for their own self-care and for their loved ones. Special Thanks are in order to The Flagstaff Community Foundation, The Arizona Community Foundation, The Forest Highlands Foundation and Flagstaff Medical Center for their generous grant support of this program!
  • Did you know? While researchers have long known that caregiving can have deleterious mental health effects for caregivers, research also shows that caregiving can have serious physical health consequences as well. Studies have found that caregivers may have increased blood pressure and insulin levels, impaired immune systems, and may be at increased risk for cardiovascular disease among other adverse health outcomes. Those caring for elderly or terminally ill patients may have the added stress of anticipatory grief or ‘wellness guilt’. What can you do? A simple “time out” can bring you peace and restore balance. Set a timer for 6 minutes. Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, Breathe in a long deep breath; pause, then breathe out slowly. Repeat this several times, until you feel a relaxation response. Breathe naturally until your timer rings. Open your eyes and turn off the timer. With eyes still open, take one more minute to breathe. SMILE for this minute. Stand up and stretch tall. Feel better. Simple. . .time-out!
  • The Further Shore family wishes congratulations to Madrone (Julie) Schutten and Rich Rogers on their beautiful hand fasting ceremony that took place October 3rd at
    the Museum of Northern Arizona. As a newly committed couple we wish you both abundant love, good health, fabulous adventures, and much joy!
  • Further Shore wishes to extend sympathy and love to all in our community who will dearly miss Maria Ruiz, the soul of the Southside and Morning Glory’s sweet spirit. Maria was always interested in our work, always offering a loving word of support to our clients. She and I had several talks about death and dying; the end of suffering; the Buddhist path of compassion. She will be remembered for her love, her enthusiasm for healing, helping and sharing, and of course, for the beautiful food. Maria, may you find the further shore to be peaceful, serene and full of love.
  • We also offer sympathy and support to the family of young, Dawson Merrick, who at age 10 crossed into spirit with courage and wisdom that touched our entire community. Board member, Penny Cook, shared in the outpouring of love that spilled over at Christ Church on September 26th at Dawson’s memorial service. The image of a hundred little boys with baseball bats, caps and/or karate gear as ‘honorary pall bearers’ had the whole board weeping at our meeting yesterday. Bless you, Dawsom, for teaching us about dying with
    dignity. May you find the perfect diamond where you are now.
  • If you shop on line at Amazon.com this message is for you. . . Further Shore will
    receive a donation from Amazon whenever you order by clicking through to them from our home page at www.furthershore.org 4% of your purchase price will be donated to us whenever you order in this way. It is easy and there is no cost to you. Happy Shopping!
  • Speaking of shopping, Recipes From the Food Doctor and Friends makes a great stocking stuffer. Over 100 vegan recipes, many gluten free, all delicious and easy to make. Holiday special includes FREE shipping! Visit http://furthershore_org.apache1.cloudsector.net/Cookbook/Default.aspx to order.
  • Wayne’s House is undergoing a transformation. Because of the high winds last Spring, it was decided that the roof needs to be replaced. Please join the FS board and staff in prayer for a swift, beautiful and gentle transformation. The new roof will include insulation which will make the house much easier to heat and keep cool in the summer. We are closing the residence again for winter beginning December 12th. If you are interested in a session with one of our practitioners between now and then, please contact us at 928-525-2910.
  • Robert and Aleia have safely returned to Flagstaff from their travels in New York with only slight mishaps along the way…. (needing a new clutch, crazy time delays, insect
    bites, hives, and forgotten computer parts). We give thanks for everyone’s love and prayers for safe journey. Robert’s photos from the Lake can be viewed at http://arapas.smugmug.com/Travel/Roc09.

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