~Summer News from Further Shore~

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! I think everyone in Flagstaff is talking about how unusual our Spring has been. We had rain in May, super cool temps so far in June and it looks monsoon season has already begun. The good news is: fire danger is low and the meadows are full of green grasses and a riot of colorful wild flowers. The gusty spring winds removed several shingles from the roof at Wayne’s House. We are now eagerly awaiting an assessment about roof repair (or replacement). Last year’s unscheduled flood and renovation has us on high alert to keep the house in good repair. The retreat facility is open for the season and features several facilitators offering excellent information and healing retreats. {See Calendar below}

Special thanks to:

  • all who have made donations to our Spring Fund Raising campaign. In addition to the Late Spring acknowledgments, these were also made in loving memory:

    • by Heather P. in Loving Memory of Mary
    • by Eileen & Dan W. in Loving Memory of Thomas A. Kenny
  • all who have made donations to our TLC Client Support Fund (especially Leilani’s team!). These allow us to support our TLC clients with massage, Reiki, counseling, music therapy and so much more. The clients are very grateful. You can help us to help others by making a donation on line at www.furthershore.org
  • Michael & Betsi Marinelli for a donation of a DVD player for Wayne’s House!
  • Madrone (Julie) S., VTara R., Pam H., Susanne, Beth P., and Jeane C. for their recent Llumination donations! These Star Light Workers are hosting Llumination Quests in their areas and then donate a percentage of their proceeds to FS. Watch our website for more information about the Quest and these wonderful facilitators.
  • Jim T. for the donation of meditation DVD’s that will become part of the Further Shore library collection. Jim also helped us to secure a wonderful series on death and dying from the Edgar Cayce foundation.
  • Shannon Arnett for hosting the Further Shore display table at the Senior Health Fair that was held at the Aquaplex. About 500 Seniors visited the event and Shannon did a wonderful job of representing our mission. She also offered one of the many workshops that day and the reviews were excellent.
  • Satsansar K. for the donation of two great movies “The Bucket List” (which will be viewed as part of Aleia’s upcoming “Bucket List Retreat”) and “The Blue Butterfly”
  • All the vendors who have made donations to this year’s Silent Auction collection! We have nearly reached our goal of 60 items and feel greatly blessed by community generosity during these curious and changing economic times.
  • VTara R. for co-facilitating our first Cancer Survivor retreat of the season. VTara and Eliot Schipper will be offering another Cancer Survivor’s retreat October 2nd and 3rd at Wayne’s House. (see details below)

Summer Wish List Items include:

1) financial donations for the Cancer Survivor Retreat Scholarship fund

2) sponsors for this year’s Bone Dance – see News Bits for details

3) a computer savvy blogger

4) a volunteer to handle ad placement for this year’s Bone Dance

News Bits ~

  • The 4th Annual Bone Dance is scheduled at the Radisson Woodlands Hotel on October 24th from 6-11 p.m. Tickets are $55 for a single or $50 each when purchasing 2 or more. You will not want to miss this popular gala with the purpose to celebrate and remember our loved ones who have crossed over. A memorial altar, delicious Mexican dinner, dancing to Jimmy DeBlois and Spokes and a terrific Silent Auction provide an evening of fun for all. Find out more at www.FurtherShore.org/Events/BoneDance.aspx. Event Sponsorship is available at 4 levels (Day of the Dead at $500, Silver Ghost at $750, Golden Spirit at $1000, or Diamond Light at $1500). Sponsors will enjoy complimentary event tickets, reserve tables, honorable mention throughout the evening; Golden Spirit and Diamond Light sponsor will also be included in our print ads. We recommend buying tickets early as we are expecting a sell-out crowd.
  • Shannon Arnett is offering a special workshop series this summer entitled “Increase Your Peace” – Topics include “Your Balance and Joy in the Work Place” “Financial Stress and Increasing Abundance” and “Increasing Your Peace Around Your Relationships” She is offering a one day retreat at Wayne’s House July 4th entitled “Freedom from Stressors on Independence Day” www.arnettinnerpeace.com for full information and to see the YouTube video.
  • Congratulations are in order for Kat and Clarence ! They will be married in a sacred ceremony this July 18th near their home in Williams, AZ. Further Shore is wishing them many blessings on this special day and beyond.
  • We are grateful to Meg for her service as a TLC practitioner! Meg will be stepping away from this service for a while to travel. Thank YOU, Meg for your loving care for our TLC clients.
  • About Llumination the Quest – While Aleia is not currently facilitating the Quest, several others (trained by her) are! The Quest is an amazing way to explore your inner landscape during these changing times. Facilitators also donate a portion of proceeds back to FS’s mission. We are hopeful to post the new facilitator information on our website this quarter so watch for that!
  • We welcome Jennifer W., sound healer, to the FS practitioner team. Jennifer brings a full resume of healing gifts for our clients. She is also a professional blues/jazz singer and has generously offered to help us plan a concert fund raiser.
  • Because of numerous requests, Aleia will be offering a series of mini retreats for healing grief. The retreats will be held on three Saturdays this summer from 9 a.m. to noon. The fee is $45 for each retreat. Limit of 6 participants; individuals, couples, friends or families welcome. Some scholarships are available on request.
  • Don’t forget to purchase our cookbook, Recipes from the Food Doctor and Friends ~ full of great summer recipes for people who love good food. www.furthershore.org/Cookbook
  • Robert and Aleia will be to New York from August 27th until October 1st this year. Plans for offering Llumination quests and /or training facilitators while in Rochester are still in the planning stages. New York friends there may feel free to contact Aleia with any special requests for session work/trainings.
  • Buy from Amazon.com and support Further Shore. Used this link (www.amazon.com?tag=furtshor-20) and Further Shore will get a small percentage of the sale.

Summer Calendar

June 5/6Wellness Matters – Recreating Your Story, the Next Step – a Retreat for Cancer Survivors


June 21 – Susanne One Love facilitates Llumination the Quest at Wayne’s House. contact her at 856-9265

June 26 Family Care Giver Discussion 9-11 a.m. with Jill Preston “Legal and Financial Options for Long Term Care” (Thorp Park Community Center FREE and open to all)

July 4Increase Your Peace on Independence Day – a retreat from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with Holistic Counselor, Shannon Arnett. call 600-5863 to register. Space limited.

July 11 – Healing Grief I – a mini retreat from 9:00 a.m. to noon Fee is $45. Explore grief as a teacher as related to any area of personal loss; including loss of health, partnership or career. Discover how to recognize your grief and express it in healthy ways. Facilitator is Aleia O’Reilly call 525-2910 to register.

July 19 – Susanne One Love facilitates Llumination the Quest at Wayne’s House. contact her at 856-9265

July 25 – Healing Grief II – a mini retreat from 9:00 a.m. to noon Fee is $45. Look deeply into your personal grief cycle and discover the ways that gratitude can eclipse pain and suffering. This retreat will include ceremony and art processes to find the gift of grace after loss. Facilitator is Aleia O’Reilly call 525-2910 to register

July 31/August 1/2Soul Matters: Creating a Bucket List for Now and Later – an overnight with Further Shore Founder, Aleia O’Reilly call 525-2910 to register. (there is room for 1 more registrant)

August 8 – Healing Grief III – a mini retreat from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Fee is $45. Learn how to be a loving care giver for yourself and others during the grief cycle. This retreat will focus on natural, simple self care processes to maintain balance during the stressful times that lead to or follow personal loss. Facilitator is Aleia O’Reilly call 525-2910 to register

August 19 Susanne One Love facilitates Llumination the Quest at Wayne’s House. contact her at 856-9265

September 12 – Experiencing the Beloved: Relationship as a Conscious Path – a full day retreat with Janine and Eliot Schipper. Call 221-1644 for details

September 20 – Susanne One Love facilitates Llumination the Quest at Wayne’s House. contact her at 856-9265

October 2 & 3 – Life Matters: How Cancer Survivors Transform and Thrive – an overnight retreat with VTara Ruscher and Eliot Schipper

Thank you for your support and kindness. Enjoy the Summer sunshine, rainbows and warmth.

Aleia O’Reilly,
Director Further Shore

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