~Spring News from Further Shore~

The Vernal Equinox is almost here with its promise of new life. It looks, smells, and feels like Spring is finally in the air for Flagstaff, Arizona. After LOTS of snow, we are beginning to see the earth again in Kachina Village. There are even a few crocuses popping out in town. Wayne’s House has been quietly “resting” for the Winter months and will reopen again in April. Hats off to the Master Gardeners who will be tenderly grooming the yard and coaxing the beauty out over there.

We have been busy envisioning Spring Retreats (see schedule below). Despite the cold temps our practitioners have been active supporting TLC Clients with counseling, music therapy, massage and advocacy support. These clients are so grateful for our ongoing support in health. Last week one of our TLC Clients entered hospice care at home. Further Shore staff and volunteers will continue offering support for her and her family care givers during this transition.

Special thanks to Joe and Nina Marinelli for the donation of a large screen TV for Wayne’s House. More special thanks to New Frontiers Natural Foods and Hastings Entertainment for generously inviting us to table at holiday time with Recipes from the Food Doctor and Friends! We sold a good number of cookbooks during that time and they are still on the shelf at both places. Visit Hastings at their new venue on the corner of 4th Street and 7th Avenue. Gratitude as well to New Leaf Counseling Center on Verde Street! Donations collected at their 2008 Wellness Education Series were donated to Further Shore. We feel so blessed by these and your gifts.

Spring Wish List Items include:
1) grant writer to work on the Flagstaff Community Foundation grant (due on July 27, 2009)
2) volunteer to help Aleia w/Quality of Life Advocate program development (3 hours/week)
3) VCR/DVD player for Wayne’s House
4) DVD movies “The Bucket List” “Always” and “Blue Butterflies”
5) financial donations for the Cancer Survivor Retreat Scholarship fund
6) donations for this year’s Bone Dance. Silent Auction Collections begin June 1st and end August 1st (art work, coffee, meals, overnight stays, bodywork, coaching, etc. welcome)
7) sponsors for this year’s Bone Dance – watch for details!
7) student intern (marketing projects – Bone Dance, Cookbook)
8) a computer savvy blogger
9) at least 3 or 5 individuals to form a fund development committee

We are proud to be part of the Family Care Giver Discussion Series “The Aging Puzzle. . . Making the Pieces Fit” On February 27th we offered a panel presentation entitled “The Gentle Gift of Comfort Care” to 45 seniors and family care givers. The panel included Dona Clark (FMC’s Palliative Care Team), Katy Montoya and Dawn Kurtz (Northland Hospice), Marlene Letvin (RTA Hospice), Penny Cook (Abrio Family Services) and myself. The presentation outlined our need for comfort during various stages of life. The next event is April 23rd from 8:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Federated Church. “Life is a Work of Art – Celebrating Your Silver Spirit” is NAGA’s 25 Year Anniversary conference. A wonderful program featuring Mary Mareck, MSW is planned. Contact the Area Agency on Aging at 213-5245 for more information or to register.

Spring Calendar
March 20 – Happy Spring
March 27 – Further Shore Practitioner’s Meeting 10-11:30 a.m. (Family Resource Center)
March 28 – Quarterly Board Meeting 3-5 p.m. (O’Reilly/McCarter house)

April 1 – Coffee and Conversation NAU’s Unity Week
April 23 – NAGA Life is a Work of Art conference (Federated Church)
April 24 – 26 Llumination Retreat/Training at Wayne’s House (Registration Closed)

May 2 – “Playing in the Kitchen” 1-5 p.m. at Wayne’s House (registration open)

June 6/7 – Wellness Matters – Recreating Your Story, the Next Step – Retreat for Cancer Survivors (V. Ruscher and A. O’Reilly) (registration open)
June 26 – Family Care Giver Discussion 9-11 a.m. with Jill Preston “Legal and Financial Options for Long Term Care” (Thorp Park Community Center)

Thank you for your support and kindness. Enjoy the blossoming of this new season.
Aleia O’Reilly,
Director Further Shore

If you wish to be removed from this posting list, please let us know info@furthershore_org.apache1.cloudsector.net

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