In memory of…

Further Shore honors the memory of Caryl Westbrook, author of Angels in My Kitchen – Divine Dessert Recipes. This message from David (Friend of FS/Wayne’s House) arrived to the FS email box today. You can find Caryl’s cookbook at

Last evening I heard the sad news that my good pal Caryl Westwood suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. Caryl was alone in her home in Santa Fe and was found shortly after she passed. She was 54. Caryl was set to write the intro to my new cookbook Mandala Desserts- she was the best-selling author of Angels in my Kitchen and my co-author on The Dad’s Cookbook.

Caryl had been a long time student of the Course of Miracles and was an ardent teacher and promoter of the principles and faith based teachings. Her magical laugh and sincere eyes will live on with me forever…’s hard to imagine that she won’t be here in October as she planned. I wanted to share this news with you and in case you didn’t know Caryl…..just let this be a guide post and reminder to all of us to reach out more often and love those that make our lives better.

Caryl is in heaven’s kitchen today preparing a feast of delights for all our ANGEL guides……and I just know she is smiling and loving every minute of it! Upon hearing the news of her passing- I called her publisher to see if they would offer a third printing of her cookbook- I am asking everyone I know to purchase one in her memory!!


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