Help Needed

The Flagstaff Community Partnership (FCP) is helping individuals and families with special needs (developmental disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injury) with the First Responder Smart Card program. Over the past 12 months, FCP has helped approximately 70 individuals/families/group home providers be prepared with the Smart Card On-Site. This card and address registration alerts 911 dispatchers that the call might involve someone with a developmental disability, mental illness, or traumatic brain injury. This helps the first responders like fire dept., ambulance and law enforcement to be better prepared for their interaction with someone who has a special need in the home.

FCP is looking for someone to help with a short survey to each of the families who have registered their address. This is telephone work and involves asking questions about whether the family has called 911 and how the Smart Card On-Site helped (if a call was indeed made). Each phone call may be from 3-15 minutes in length depending on if a 911 call was made in the last year. FCP will pay the caller/interviewer $2.00 for each completed survey OR volunteer help is always welcome by this nonprofit. Contact Molly Parrott at 928-526-5156 if you want to help.

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