Llumination Announcements

Dear Llumination Players,

Robert, Jake, Emerson and I made it home safe and sound (notwithstanding the tornado warnings and 100 degree temps, 60 mph winds across this great nation!). We are back and I am open to facilitating the Llumination Quest this summer. Please let me know if you would like to play at my Questing Portal and we will arrange a time.

I am also very happy to introduce as members of the Further Shore Llumination Quest Team:

  • Grace – Flagstaff, Arizona & Boulder City, Nevada
  • Celia – Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Christine – Rochester, New York
  • Anne – Pennsylvania & New York
  • Susana – Dallas, Texas

These new Star Light Workers are available to facilitate a Quest for you; please feel free to email them to set up a time. Pamela (Phoenix-Tucson) and Susanne (Flagstaff-Los Angeles) are in training and will soon be offering their services as well!

For more information about Further Shore’s mission www.furthershore.org

Thank you for your visionary light that uplifts the entire collective!

All Blessings to all

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