Wrist Strong and Drying Out

I am happy to be typing with two hands again!! My cast was removed on April 10th and not a moment too soon for me. X-Rays showed good bone healing. I have a brace to wear for 2 or 3 weeks and am guided to “go easy” with my use for that amount of time. So I will not be offering massage for a while longer. I can do Reiki and am so happy to be practicing on Jake. Thank you all who sent good wishes for my healing. I know it made a huge difference!

The following is the Spring Newsletter ~ I really want to invite you to reply to this wonderful blog. It is easy and fun. Thank you to Amanda for being the Keeper of the Blog and helping to share our good news in this way.

Flood Update ~ It has now been 4 weeks the discovery of the water at Wayne’s House. . .from the water bill it looks like 3,000+ gallons of water leaked into the home. The whole first floor has been gutted (sub floor, insulation, walls, etc). The bathroom in the studio is also gutted. It took 3 visits from the demo crew to uncover all the standing water beneath sub-floor, then State Farm had to assess the damage and issue a repair check. State Farm has been thorough and fair. The settlement provided a check to cover the Further Shore rent for two and half months; more will be given if the work takes longer than this. We are grateful.

The check arrived the day before my cast was removed last week. Because the damage is extensive, the mortgage company is involved in this renovation. It has been an all-encompassing event. We have a great local contractor to manage the project. We have chosen to slightly alter the floor plan to allow more space in the Great Room and kitchen. Choosing lighting, flooring, carpet, cabinets, counter tops, paint, etc. etc. etc. has been time consuming and bittersweet. Wayne is, I am sure, watching over all this to ensure quality work and care is given to this sacred healing space.

Retreats and Presentations ~ These will of course be suspended at Wayne’s House until the work is done. We will provide and update in about a month. Meanwhile, those seeking solace and / or comfort support are welcome to inquire about summer dates for retreats that will be held in a beautiful, fresh new space.

  • A BIG “THANK YOU” to NAGA for the opportunity to speak at the annual conference last week. This popular event was attended by 75 seniors and care givers. We enjoyed aroma and music therapy and sharing ways that we can all “Wake Up and Smell the Roses”.
  • Mark your calendars for May 23rd when the City of Flagstaff presents Senior Health and Fitness Day at the Radisson Hotel from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.. We will be sharing an information table with Lytle’s Ladel (from My Heart to Your Kitchen). This is event is free to those over 50 years of age.

Travel Schedule ~ This renovation project comes at a time when Robert and I will be traveling to Rochester, NY to visit my family. This is the 2nd annual trip and my mother is really eager to see us again. We will drive “Grandfather” (the old Chevy Station Wagon) and take Jake and Emerson along. We are renting a cottage on Lake Ontario only 7 minutes from my mom’s home. During our trip, I am training two Llumination facilitators and taking other aspects of Further Shore’s mission to friends and family members there. I will be offering light touch, counseling, education and hospice support by appointment. I will also be open for phone consults from May 2-30th. We will return to Flagstaff on June 5th.

Farewells ~ Ahhh, yes, some major transitions for our Further Shore friends. We are wishing fond farewells to 3 of Further Shore’s Founding Board Members: Melissa and husband, Todd (off to Phoenix where Melissa will work at a YMCA), Devon (going to study spiritual psychology and nutrition at Bastyr in Seattle) and Susana and her husband, Chris (moving to Dallas to support Sus’s aging parents and begin a new adventure). Again, it is amazing how things occur in such perfection and divine order. Susana has agreed to live in our home and take over my duties as Lead Advocate and Care Coordinator for our TLC Clients, as well to watch over the renovation project at Wayne’s House. She and Chris will be moving in the day we leave for New York (April 28th).

TLC Client Update ~ Your thoughts, donations, and prayers are always welcome for our TLC Clients. Arranging wholistic support for these special ones is my joy.

  • A special note of thanks to those who have made specific donations to provide services for VTara. She has begun chemo treatment in Sedona and is grateful for the ongoing FS help. Her courage and strength inspire us and all she meets.
  • Our Navajo client, DD will have a healing ceremony with a traditional Medicine Healer sometime in July. Donations are welcome to support this event (funds will help to pay for the Healer’s services and for supplies and travel). On a recent visit with her Medicine Healer, she was told: “Further Shore people have helped you to remain here to see your children grow. I wish they could come out here to work on the reservation.” DD tells me that she is not so afraid of dying now and is hopeful that her symptoms will continue to heal so that she can at some time be a helper or volunteer to other FS clients.
  • TLC Client, Judy, has new care givers living in and they are committed to staying long term. What a relief for her and of course for her 4 canine companions!

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