Help Area Teens to Help ACS!

Flagstaff High School Peers, a Peer mentoring group, is trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. The Relay for Life is an event to raise money for Cancer research and education and to honor those who have fought the battle with cancer. They are offering Luminarias for a donation of $10.00 each. The luminarias are lanterns that will be lit on the night of the Relay, a night when the students will stay up all walking in order to remember and honor the constant struggle of a person with cancer. The luminaria’s can be decorated by the donor in order to honor a particular person or lit to honor all those who have struggled with cancer. Any kind of donation will be greatly appreciated. You can send me an email to or call me at 773-8120.


Rachel Mears
School Counselor/Peers Instructor
Flagstaff High School

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