Flood at Wayne’s House

I am sad to report that while Robert and I were on vacation, there was a small leak at Wayne’s House that turned into a big leak. A compression valve failed (maybe due to it freezing and thawing, maybe just due to its age). The water poured into the house for days. We discovered this on Tuesday night March 18th.

The next two days were somewhat dream like in that we had to move all furniture, treasures, art supplies, books, etc. up to the loft. Calls to the plumber, State Farm, Roof Dancer etc. were made to begin assessing the damage and drying out. Servepro Restoration came in to demo (yes, demo) the main floor (living room, dining area, hearth, all kitchen cupboards, tiling, floor and counters, laundry room and hallway. Suffice to say that this was very difficult to watch. And watch I did. My tears unleashed when they tore out the meticulously laid white tile counter tops; Wayne’s handiwork. All the while they were literally destroying this sacred space, I kept thinking “there is a divine plan . . . let me just be present, awake and grateful.”

After my brief but REAL emotional burst, it was time to swing into action and turn this event into an amazing opportunity.We continue to marvel at the timing of this discovery . . . Spring Equinox, Full Moon, Easter! Renewal, rebirth, remaking of intentions are all thematically pertinent here. Wayne has been whispering and shouting in my ear about all this. Our partner in ownership of the house, Peter, drove up on Friday. This was great timing to have him with us. We explored the many spiritual messages of this event and are still in process. We met with a contractor today to discuss the renewal.

Still typing with one hand, this is slow going. With broken wrist, I cannot do the work I have cherished for 23 years. . . writing and healing touch. As well, we cannot hold any retreats at Wayne’s House until a complete renovation takes place. This is a time for me to become very quiet and to listen to the creator about my contribution in the vessel called Wayne’s House and Further Shore. The work with TLC Clients, Llumination Quests and trainings, public speaking, the monthly meetings, Bone Dance planning, and cook book sales will continue.

Some board members have suggested we have a fund raiser to assist with renovations. Since Robert, Peter and I are the home owners the renovation is our responsibility (and State Farm’s). A fund raiser would certainly help to support the budget’s losses that will occur due to my injury and this flood. My personal plate is fairly full, so I will await guidance from the board; we meet on March 30th to discuss this and other matters. I am so grateful to those board members who have offered their loving thoughts and prayers during this time . . . and especially to Robert & Peter.

The work we have done in the last 2 years at WH has been profound and life changing for those who have come. Programs that open with prehospice education have revealed countless gifts and opportunities for participants to release fear and anxiety around grief, life, death and afterlife. Thank you for your prayers and support during this transitional time.

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