this note will be short b/c i am typing w/one hand

Yes, i fell on the ice on Sunday a.m. in the latest snowstorm!

my left wrist is fractured and i have a big orange cast on it. pain is really ok (reiki) and i am healing fast. hard part is not being able to do stuff like button clothes or type. It will be like this for about 6-7 weeks.

We leave for vacation to Oahu, HI on tuesday March 4th. I will not be on line til we get back on 3/14. no swimming or snorkeling 4 me but i am so happy to go to the sun and rest for real!

bless you and thanks for Reiki and love to left wrist . . . learning how to receive in new creative ways!if you need to speak to me a call is best as i really can’t be typing 🙂 🙂

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