Happy 2008

This message is to wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year. Thank you so much for supporting the mission of Further Shore and Wayne’s House with your thoughts, prayers, love and financial contributions. 2007 was a very full year with many accomplishments: Recipes from the Food Doctor and Friends, 11 Gentle Transitions Retreats, ongoing support for several TLC Clients, public speaking at 7 different venues, and of course the Bone Dance. Your gifts make all this possible. The clients are so grateful.

January is a month of retreat and reflection for me; also a time when I work on the book I am writing. I am not planning meetings, private sessions or social time until February. Please note that I will not be checking email again until January 29th unless something needs to be shared about VTara’s process.

Before I “go off line” I wanted to let you know a couple of important messages. First ~ A very special friend, VTara, had surgery on New Year’s Day. She’s at Flagstaff Medical Center and will likely be there for several days. She had pain on New Year’s Eve that elevated quickly and intensely, so she went into the ER. The doctors thought it was appendicitis and upon surgery found a suspicious mass and inflammation of other organs. She is requesting long distance Reiki and prayers. VTara was sitting with Wayne when he breathed his last breath in the body. She is a divine soul and dear sister, friend. Please hold her and her family at this time.

Next, our Board Secretary, Eileen, had foot surgery on December 19th. She is at home recovering and getting around on crutches. Pain levels fluctuating and being the busy girl she is, it is hard to keep her leg elevated and herself still!

FS Advisor, Penny, fell on the ice flow at the train station in December while trying to greet Santa Claus with her two grandsons. Penny broke her right arm and had to have surgery (bionic woman now has metal in her arm/wrist). She is recovering, still dealing with pain.

Please continue to keep TLC Client Judy in your prayers as her care needs have increased and her situation is changing daily. There have been a number of persons who have stepped in to help including state agencies. This is a blessing for her and the 4 doggies who love her. Special Thanks to Further Shore Advisor, Penny and Abrio for being an important part of her team even during the broken arm thing!

Last but certainly not least, TLC Client Christie is doing great in Sedona! She is off the 24-7 oxygen and looked radiant when I saw her on December 21st. Your prayers have helped!

God Bless and may 2008 be Gentle for all.

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