A Few More Pics from the Very Fun Bone Dance

Welcome to the Bone Dance. Our hostess for the evening is the charming Aleia, pictured here with her lovely assistant Shannon.

Clarence Clearwater sets the tone for the evening with a little lively dinner music,

And the guests begin to arrive! Love the stripes dude.

Aleia thanks the valiant volunteers who made this great event possible,

And dinner is served. A Mexican buffet…muy delicioso!

These guests helped themselves to a serving of disco fever and dance the night away with Jimmy DeBlois & Spokes. Nice moves everyone.

Other guests do their best to maintain a calm exterior all the while sparring in a fast and furious silent auction. “You look lovely tonight…and by the way, those Ug boots are mine!”

Shannon shows off the merits of her new best friend for the evening – the incredible time saving credit card machine.

What a fun event! Thanks everyone who came out to support Further Shore and its mission.

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