Further Shore Winter Quarterly Newsletter

A Word of Welcome ~ Winter’s long nights are cold here on sacred mountain. The stars are amazing! We have been blessed by snow, with a promise of more to come. Wayne’s House looks like a picture post card; the frosted roof and deck rails glisten in the morning sun. It is a time of quieting and burrowing in for the local wild life. It can be quite the opposite for most people at this time of year. While the blur of holiday social activities may have you spinning, try to plan some quiet time to reflect on the blessings of life, the beauty of friendships, and bountiful spirit all around.

As I write this newsletter, I am officially in sabbatical mode although it does not feel much like that yet! I love to write and it has become clear to me that when facilitating retreats, networking, and seeing clients, my “writing cap” will not stay on! So, each year, it is my tradition to take 3-6 weeks off to retreat, rejuvenate and spend time writing. My goal this year is to complete “The Seekers Guide to Further Shore” and the “Recipes from the Food Doctor and Friends” text for publication in March.

Typically, I check email Tuesday through Friday. During the next six weeks, I will be checking email infrequently, so if you have a need, please call me at 928-525-2910. I will continue supporting a few Further Shore TLC Clients with phone support and prayer. May you all find peace in this holy season.
In Gratitude, Aleia

Client Updates and Dedications

This note is from a Further Shore client:
“I want to say thank you for everything and share what took place later that day after we were at Wayne’s House. I had a very close friend who was sick for the past 8 months with a Hodgkin’s lymphoma .I had not heard from them in a couple of weeks so I wasn’t aware things had gotten worse.

We were sitting in the Mars diner in Sedona around 8 30 p.m. eating dinner. I started to get a very uneasy feeling (at the time I didn’t know why). So we finished eating and went back to the hotel to sleep. I dreamed of my friend Lisa, whom I’ve been very close with for 20 years. In my dream she was healthy and happy and the rest of the dream all I was doing was hugging her husband Steve who is also very close to me. I woke up at 5 in the morning, very upset and told Beth about my dream. About 10 minutes later my cell phone rang and I didn’t recognize the number, but I knew what it was. I reluctantly picked up the phone and it was an old friend telling me that my friend Lisa had passed away at10:30 New York time which was 8:30 our time the night before.

So I firmly believe I felt her passing to the next plane. It was truly one of the most moving experiences I have had. I got to see her healthy and happy in my dream one last time. And then I think the hugging in my dream was me helping to console her husband. Lisa was 36 and had 3 beautiful kids 13, 7, and 5. I want to thank you for the work you did with us. Thank you (and Wayne) very very much… with love, Mark D.”

Further Shore honors Sharon, a long time cancer survivor, who, after her August visit to Wayne’s House, entered hospice care in the Phoenix area. Her bright spirit, courage and smile linger in my mind today. She told me and the other retreat attendee that it was important to “get yourself right with God and everything else would be OK.” She passed peacefully into spirit on November 22nd. We offer dedications and prayers this season to Wayne Marinelli, Tom O’Reilly, Sharon Kowalski, Lisa Lincoln, Marilyn Pinheiro and beloved cat friend, Wolf.

Eliot’s 1000 Mile Ride

Our Client Liaison, Eliot Schipper, completed his 1000 mile bike ride from Wayne’s House in Flagstaff to Oakland, CA. Thanks to his willingness and your generosity, we raised $400 for our Scholarship Fund! Visit the link at www.FurtherShore.org/1000miles to read about his adventure. Eliot is currently in Ecuador teaching children in a one room school house! He will return to his Client Liaison duties in March.

Must See Movies

If you have a movie you feel speaks to our mission, please send us a review! This quarter’s pic is Love Actually. The film stars an outstanding cast including Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Liam Nissen. The story is set in England at Christmas time. The plot chronicles the intersecting lives of several individual’s losses, loves, and triumphs. The performance of the youngest cast member is guaranteed to bring a tear and a smile.

Calling All Volunteers!

After serving almost 50 clients this year (at Wayne’s House, home and hospital visits, via phone and email), I have discovered the need for ongoing support for those facing very serious health challenges. Persons with life threatening or chronic illness often find themselves in dire straits financially. Most health plans do not pay for services such as those we provide: emotional and spiritual support, transition planning, compassionate listening, resources, education, and referrals for natural and wholistic comfort care. In this first year of service, I have been the primary facilitator and follow up care giver for clients. It is clear that volunteers and paid practitioners are needed to continue with this kind of care.

To that end, in 2007 Further Shore will offer several opportunities for volunteers. You may choose to help with gardening, housekeeping or cooking for Wayne’s House retreats. Office work, fund raising or event planning are also options! If you are a certified hospice volunteer, you may serve as Lighthouse Keeper for our TLC Clients. If you are interested in being a Lighthouse Keeper in service to our TLC Clients, please request a volunteer application today!

Wayne‘s House – Update

Due to your generosity, we were able to hold fourteen retreats for thirty three individuals at Wayne’s House in 2006. Truly a blessing for each and every client!

Special Thanks to Caitlin Flaherty at PeaceScapes Landscaping for being our team leader for the yard cleanup on November 4th. Caitlin drove up from the valley with a lot of tools and know how. We knocked down all the weeds, pruned trees, turned the compost pile, and repaired the drive ways. Lunch was delicious. Thanks to Patricia Pease, Dianna Ford, Annie Martin, Todd Reneir, Eileen Kenny, Dan Westphal, Robert McCarter, and Caitlin for this work of love! (photos will be on line by January 1st).

In September several of the Coconino County Planning & Zoning Commissioners toured Wayne’s House and on September 26th they granted a three year permit to continue our good work at Wayne’s House. The permit allows up to 12 days per month for Further Shore activities, with a day described as any 24 hour period. This means that day long or over night programs can be held any day of the week; much more flexible and therefore GREAT for our clients.

The neighbor opposition to the conditional use permit that surfaced last year, has transformed. After several good conversations (with Giraffe Ears firmly in place), we have a reached an agreement that satisfies our concerns and the concerns of the neighbors; feeling like we have made new friends in the process. This is a blessing for which we are grateful.

Finances and Fund Raising
Our First Annual Fund Raiser ~ That’s Life, A Bone Dance was wonderfully successful!
We raised $3,446. 66 and had a grand time.
The music by Clarence Clearwater and Limbs Akimbo was wonderful and the food delicious!
Our Silent Auction had 66 items.
Thanks to the greater community for their generous giving to make this such a success!
Visit the website to see photos after January 1st. and HOLD THE DATE for next year’s Dance:
November 3, 2007 at Forest Highlands

As we move into 2007, we are proud to report that thanks to your generosity, we are “in the black.”
This first year, no one has been paid a salary or stipend. Next year’s very hopeful budget will include salaries stipends for the director (Aleia), adjunct practitioners, and a volunteer coordinator.
You can help to keep our work going by making a donation!
Further Shore, P. O. Box 23518, Flagstaff, AZ 86002or via Paypal on the web at www.furthershore.org

Community Update

  • Kudos to Shannon Dooley for hosting the Holistic Health Expo in October! The event was held at Coconino Community College and offered information and education about natural health care. Further Shore had a table, Aleia gave the first talk of the day and visited with about 50 guests, ranging from CCC students to faculty and interested community members. Watch for another Expo in the Fall of 2007!
  • Further Shore is excited to support C. Brinkley’s community newsletter, Alive and the beginning of the Alive Network! Watch for details in 2007! If you want to advertiser, distributor, or write an article for Alive, call her at 774-4326.
  • We are greatly appreciative of Marshall Rosenbergs approach to communicating with love and compassion. The Flagstaff Center for Compassionate Communication, director, Mary MacKenzie has launched an exciting new on line study program for NVC (Nonviolent Communication). Check into this by contacting her at (928) 526-4796 or fccc@compassionatecommunication.org
  • The American Cancer Society’s winter gala in Flagstaff is “Denim or Diamonds” to be held on February 24th at the Radisson call 526-3800 for more info.
  • If you are interested in end of life choices, please look into Compassionate Choices -Arizona. Find out about the Million Geezer March and the work of this organization at http://www.choicesarizona.org/
  • We will sponsor another Twilight Brigade Compassion in Action training on April 13-15, 2007 at the Inn at NAU. Space is limited and there are already several registrants. If you wish to participate, please contact Connie Sarff at 623-977-1379 or via Email: lovewillfindaway11@msn.com
  • Aleia & Robert attended the Celebrate Your Life conference in Scottsdale in November and were honored to meet Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley in person. Dannion’s books (Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light and Secrets of the Light) are an inspiration for everyone willing to look beyond this world and into the next. For more about Dannion and his work with the dying http://www.thetwilightbrigade.com/index.html
  • Aleia is serving on the Caregivers Coalition team. The team helps to design events that are educational for persons in care giving roles. There will be four events in 2007. The first will be February 9th or 16th and will focus on financial and legal resources for seniors and care givers. Details to follow.
  • Aleia is also on the North Country Community Health Center’s “Healthy Family Conference” team. The conference is set for April 27/28 at Little America. Watch the details to come.


Come join the quest with an innovative, fun, and inspirational “game” of personal truth for the seeker. This board game which is based on the Tarot is amazingly insightful. During the quest, you have opportunity to hone and sharpen intuitive skills, compassionate speaking, and careful listening; receiving spiritual comfort and guidance for yourself and your fellow players. Playing evokes clarity, laughter and even tears of letting go or realization of true purpose. There are 4 paths to play on: love, truth, manifestation, inspiration.

Llumination is part of Further Shore’s mission in two ways: 1) It is a spiritual inquiry that helps us to live well and fully; increasing consciousness about the limited time we have here on earth (in our current bodies). 2) It is a means to raise funds that will help keep the Further Shore mission going. I am willing to facilitate the game for small groups. The place for play is at Wayne’s House. Game playing for 2-4 people takes 3-4 hours. Sliding scale of $25-50 per person or an equitable barter. Create your own group or play with new seekers.

Winter Calendar

If you would like to schedule a program at Wayne’s House with your partner, family or with a group, please contact us. With the new flexible use permit, we can accommodate a half day, full day or overnight program designed just to meet your scheduling needs. If you wish to participate in Gentle Transitions for Women or Cancer Survivors, email your name, phone number and the date you would like to attend. Please do not let financial challenges stop you from requesting a program, as sponsorships are in place. Minimum co-pay for programs is on a sliding fee scale ($5-$25).
December 2 – Wayne’s House Alumni Talking Circle at Federated Church
December 8/9 Retreat for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
December 11 – Quarterly Board Meeting
January – No scheduled activities during this sabbatical time
February 17/18 – Gentle Transitions for Women
March 12 Quarterly Board Meeting

Web Site Update

2007 will see some upgrades to our website including a Blog! PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE A LINK THAT YOU THINK WOULD BENEFIT OUR READERS! Linking is FREE and helps you connect with others of like mind. Contact: Robert@furthershore_org.apache1.cloudsector.net Better yet, visit us at www.furthershore.org

Recipe from the Food Doctor

This soup is creamy and delicious on a cold winter’s day. Serve with crusty French bread topped with melted soy cheese.
Fennel and Red Bell Pepper Soup
2 tbsp olive oil
3 red bell peppers, chopped
1 fennel bulb, chopped
1 onion, chopped
3 hot cherry peppers, seeded and chopped
2 tbsp tamari
2 tsp basil
4 cups unsweetened soy milk

Sautee until, peppers, onion and fennel until limp. Add tamari, basil and soy milk. Puree in blender until smooth. Simmer 15 minutes; garnish with fresh fennel leaf.

Special Thanks to:

  • The 2006 Governing Board: Eileen Kenny, Amanda Kapp, Eliot Schipper, Robert McCarter, and Lori Wood-Thomas. This board will continue in 2007 with the exception of Lori. We are so grateful for her service in this inaugural year!
  • The 2006 Advisory Board: Anne Ainsworth, Devon Moughan-Phillips, Grace Marks, Jill Rundall, Kat Seekatz, Penny Cook, Peter Klein, Merry Byrd, Melissa Bowen, Sean Orlando, Shayna Diamond-Atonna. For an amazing first year!
  • The 2007 Advisory Board: Susanna Acosta-Cavert, Melissa Bowen, Merry Byrd, Penny Cook, Shayna Diamond-Atonna. Shannon Dooley, Peter Klein, Janine Minkler, Devon Moughan-Phillips, Patricia Pease, Jill Rundall, Kat Seekatz, Bee Valvo ~ may we continue to serve in love.
  • Mary MacKenzie for her loving work at FCCC
  • Jan Skaggs, with NACOG’s Area Agency on Aging for her good work with care givers
  • Michele Lytle for referring two grateful grandmothers to Wayne’s House
  • Northland Hospice for their loving work with the dying
  • North Country Community Health Center for keeping natural medicine in mind as they grow into their new facility!
  • Kat Brown, Dr. Vince Stack, and the Palliative Care Team for creating comfort care at FMC
  • Pamela Hopkins, Amanda Kapp, Patricia Pease, Susanne One Love, and Susanna Acosta-Cavert for stepping up to volunteer needs for home bound TLC clients
  • The Divine in all our lives and for all prayers of hope, love and compassion.

People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered, LOVE THEM ANYWAY
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives, DO GOOD ANYWAY
If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies, SUCCEED ANYWAY
The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow, DO GOOD ANYWAY
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable, BE HONEST AND FRANK ANYWAY
What you spent years building may be destroyed overnight, BUILD ANYWAY
People really need help but may attack you if you help them, HELP PEOPLE ANYWAY
Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth, GIVE THE WORLD THE BEST YOU’VE GOT ANYWAY

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