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Flood at Wayne’s House

I am sad to report that while Robert and I were on vacation, there was a small leak at Wayne’s House that turned into a big leak. A compression valve failed (maybe due to it freezing and thawing, maybe just due to its age). The water poured into the house for days. We discovered this […]

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this note will be short b/c i am typing w/one hand Yes, i fell on the ice on Sunday a.m. in the latest snowstorm! my left wrist is fractured and i have a big orange cast on it. pain is really ok (reiki) and i am healing fast. hard part is not being able to […]

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A message from VTara

(A message from VTara.) Hello everyone, I have had a busy week a follow up with my surgeon, a visit to a ND Dr Mark James and to Dr Steve for some Chinese tea. Lots of advice and ideas my head is spinning…low carb diet a long list of herbs and supplements and more appointments […]

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Blessings for VTara

I am writing to bring you an update our friend, VTara. I am blessed and honored to be a part of my friend, VTara’s sacred walk at this time. I bring this information in the spirit of love and hope for her full recovery. VTara had surgery on January 1st. It was appendicitis that sent […]

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Welcome to the Further Shore Blog! Here we will be posting updates, calendar entries, and keep you posted about what is going on.

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