Who are We?


Founders of Further ShoreThe visionary and founder of Further Shore is Aleia O’Reilly, LMT-AM. Aleia and her husband, Robert McCarter, join together with the governing board and advisory board to anchor the mission of Further Shore.

Aleia N. O’Reilly, LMT-AM is a licensed massage therapist, author, and associate minister. She has been teaching and practicing metaphysical and healing arts (visual and performance) for over thirty years. In her private practice the focus is on balancing spiritual and practical matters for a conscious, love-filled life. She has served as visionary, founder, and executive director for several nonprofit organizations; each one expanding on the concepts and service of the previous. Her purpose in forming these businesses is to expand and improve social systems for a more compassionate world. Aleia has learned by working with people from all walks of life, that reflection on our own mortality inherently gives way to enriched relationships and a more conscious way of living.

Robert McCarter has a background in theater, visual arts and computer sciences. He is a computer programmer, entrepreneur, and artist, specializing in computer-generated fractal art. He has been studying investment strategies, philanthropy and entrepreneurially-oriented material for over twenty-five years. Robert served on nonprofit boards for several years and is currently involved in three businesses. He developed a variety of skills for internal inquiry at the Options Institute in Massachusetts. He has taught college level computer courses at NAU and co-facilitated Light Therapy, Money Matters, and Reiki classes with Aleia. After his life-changing experience as a hospice care giver for our dear friend (Wayne) Robert has re-dedicated to the idea that we must “wake up to all of it,” including the impermanence of life.

Board Meeting

Board of Directors

Aleia N. O’Reilly, President
Eileen Westphal, Secretary
Robert McCarter, Treasurer
Meg Leander, Member at Large

Current Advisory Board Members:

Shayna Diamond-Atonna
Dot Dunn, PhD, FNP-BC, AHN-BC
Frances Hill, Ph.D.
Emmalee Kennedy, M.D.
Peter Klein
Debby McCormick, Ph.D.
Robert Soles, R.N.

Past Advisory Board Members:
Susana Acosta-Cavert
Rev. Anne Ainsworth
Shannon Arnett
Nikki Baldwin
Amber Belt, N.D.
Rajean Bifano-Elzey
Melissa Bowen
Isha Braun
Dannion Brinkley
Merry Byrd
Mark Carroll, M.D.
Penny Cook
Nancy Gedney
Rebecca Hayes, R.N.
 Grace Iverson
Amanda Kapp
Jean Malecki-Friedland, M.D.
Grace Marks
John Mead
Devon Moughan-Phillips
Susanne One Love, RN
Sean Orlando
Connie Ott
Patricia Pease
Jack Pelton
Frances Reimer
Jill Rundall
Eliot Schipper
Janine Schipper
Kat Seekatz
David Spivey
Denise Stanga
Laura Theimer
Bee Valvo, R.N.
Judith Waidelich
Adrianne Ward
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