Our Values

Our group intention is to uphold these values as we fulfill our mission. To the best of our ability we:

  • Exemplify empowerment and informed choice with regard to living and dying with dignity.
  • Create caring, individually tailored attention for clients and patrons; to meet their needs as best we can and within our scope of practice and skill.
  • Provide mentoring for those with interest in our mission; including education for to youth, college students, wholistic and medical healthcare professionals.
  • Offer these services at low cost or on a sliding scale to those persons showing financial challenges due to illness.
  • Build community through open, multi-generational communication.
  • Ever increase our collective knowledge and skill as a resource for quality of life, and end-of-life choices.
  • Take a well-educated, proactive and self-responsible role in matters of our own health, well being; and end-of-life choices as we interact with colleagues, care agencies, clients, and the public at large.
  • Adhere to the spiritual principles and ethical values unique to each of us, and to respect those of others.
  • Recognize and value the use of ceremony, visual, healing, and experiential arts as a valid educational vehicle to this work.
  • Aspire to a code of ethics that is hopeful, nonjudgmental, cooperative, compassionate, and respectful toward all life.
  • Respect and appreciate our directors, advisors, staff, interns, patrons, donors, and clients.
  • Support and uphold the principles of wholeness, equanimity, and the organic interconnection of all life.
  • Advocate practices and philosophies that foster personal, family, community, and global wellness.
  • Maintain a high degree of integrity and credibility as we fulfill our mission.
  • Fund-raise effectively, successfully, and according to a high code of ethics; to operate under a balanced budget.
  • Create a healthy work environment, conducive to creativity, personal empowerment, shared success and optimal productivity on all levels.
  • Work as a conscious, co-creative team.
  • Practice knowing and living the qualities of uniqueness, equanimity, oneness, grace, humanity, connectedness, and humility.
  • Take authentic actions with presence, clear intent, ease, purpose, and vision.
  • Uphold these values in personal and professional situations.

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